H-STEM was formed with a dual purpose: To provide students with project-based experiences and to ultimately improve human health. The H-STEM Enterprise was formed in September of 2021 by Luis Hernandez and Dr. Steven Elmer. 

 Three projects were approved and initiated:

Our Logo

The H-STEM logo was created to symbolize the enterprise operating at the intersection of engineering and health. The Vitruvian Man represents the engineering field, first created by Leonardo da Vinci, a well-known inventor who used engineering principles in many of his works. The Caduceus a symbol associated with the medical profession, represents the health and medical fields.


Leadership Team

Tyler Ryyanen


Alex Tebeau


Olivia Luke



Rayne Avalos

Social/Outreach Chair

Kieran Vacek

Discord Manager

Rachel Tietschert

Knee Recovery Team Lead

Jess Illg

Prosthesis Team Lead

Nathan Luczak

LBFE Team Lead


Dr. Smitha Rao