Portable Mobility Assist Solution

Sponsored by the Visser Foundation

Problem Statement: Create a safer way to help an elderly individual stand up out of a vehicle or sit down into a vehicle

Overview: Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) is a national network of non-profit volunteer based organizations. These volunteers are committed to helping the elderly in the community in multiple ways with a main focus on relieving the loneliness these individuals feel. The volunteers in the Upper Peninsula Michigan Chapter provide visitation, medical transportation, heating assistance and multiple different social activities. The services are provided to the elderly free of charge.

The Upper Peninsula Michigan Chapter provides medical transportation from the elders home to their destination. These transports are handicap accessible. The volunteers also coordinate transportation to Marquette hospitals.

The goal of this project is to produce a solution by the end of spring 2024 that will help the staff at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. This solution has to be easy to repair, easy to use, lightweight, portable and overall safe. 

About Us: The portable mobility assist team is a multidisciplinary team with interests in biology, mechanical and electrical design, and a passion for developing inexpensive and effective solutions with applications in mobility.

To learn more about the Portable mobility assist solution contact Nathan Luczak at ndluczak@mtu.edu or Alex Tebeau at amtebeau@mtu.edu 

Current Members

Nathan Luczak, Alex Tebeau, Tyler Ryynanen, Miles Heskett, Rayne Avalos