Supported Treadmill

Problem Statement: Create a system for existing treadmills to take a certain percentage of the user's weight off to aid in rehabilitation.

Overview: The supported treadmill team’s goal is to design a harness and frame system to be used on an existing treadmill. This system will be able to take a percentage of the user’s weight off while on the treadmill. This will be used for rehabilitation and progressive overload of the patient. This technology is expensive, complex, and can be very generalized. The team looks to reduce the complexity and make it more accessible and usable for patients.

The treadmill team is a multidisciplinary team with interests in biology, mechanical and electrical design, and a passion for developing inexpensive and effective solutions for physical rehabilitation.

To learn more about the Supported Treadmill team contact Nathan Luczak at

Design Expo 2023 Poster


Design Expo 2023 Presentation


Nathan Luczak, Magen Radke, Tyler Ryynanen