Knee Rehabilitation

Problem Statement: Create a device to help quantitatively assess strength and endurance following a knee injury or surgery. 

Overview: The knee rehabilitation team is a subteam with H-STEM Enterprise focused on developing a device that quantitatively assesses a knee after knee surgery or injury. ACL reconstruction is the most common athletic injury with nearly 100,000 surgeries happening yearly. Recovery is typically judged by a physical therapist using qualitative means, however this can’t catch certain issues and can result in reinjury. This device will assess strength, endurance, and stiffness to assist physical therapists and prevent reinjury.

The knee rehabilitation team seeks its solutions through the efforts of its team members who are skilled at mechanical and electrical design, as well as in integrating sensors and collecting relevant data to aid in prototyping processes.

To learn more about the Knee Rehabilitation team contact Rachel Tietschert at

2023 Design Expo Poster

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2023 Design Expo Presentation

Current Members

Rachel Tietschert, Immy Kniss, Olivia Luke, Ambarish Rao